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Glass Bathtub Jolie from Regia – colorful and clearly refreshing!

[New Product]
Regia Jolie clear glass bathtub in Red
The juicy hues of the new Jolie Glass Bathtub from Regia are sure to please those of us who enjoy a little bit of fun in our daily routines. Looking like a bright and beautiful glass of cool-aid, the Jolie bathtub is just ready for you to plunge into. It will define the style of your bathroom, as light filters through its transparent sides and casts the color around the room. A sense of freedom from the norm pervades the Jolie, as a freestanding tub it can be located wherever you like in your bathroom, with a matching sink pulling together the whole look. Also, a matching headrest fits neatly onto the side of the tub, and can be positioned anywhere. The loveable, unique character of the Jolie bathtub from Regia will arouse a sensation of playfulness in those who encounter it! Looking for another Trendir selected colorful bathtub?
Regia Jolie bathtub with a head rest

Regia Jolie bathtub in Blue clear glass with tub filler


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