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Jean Nouvel Digital Tub Filler from Jado – an electronic tub filler

The Jean Nouvel digital tub filler blends the line between simple products and new technology. Designed by avant-guard designer Jean Nouvel, the tub filler has the gentle curves of a sea-worn pebble. The broad spout releases a waterfall stream, more like a water feature than a faucet. Beside the filler is a pop-up spray which hides away when not needed, preserving the tub filler’s clean design. The Jean Nouvel uses modern technology to present effortless controls. Entirely digital, there are no levers or handles; it is entirely battery driven. The tub filler has merely four buttons, presented as flat icons inscribed on the smooth top of the bath filler. The battery compartment is easy to access and entirely waterproof. Jean Nouvel has taken modern technology and wrapped it in a relaxing nature inspired form, which makes bathing a simple joy. Available from Jado.


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