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Digital Faucet by Jado

digital faucet e vision jado 1 Digital Faucet by Jado
This digital faucet by Jado brings a futuristic look and feel to your bathroom. The new E-vision faucet, an industry first, features a touch panel that lets you control the water and customize your bath. This digital faucet even lets you program your own personalized bath settings. Imagine – the perfect water flow, volume and temperature, every time and all with the simple touch of the finger. The sleek, flat-panel display features a modern black face covered with glass, and complemented by chrome hardware. Shower, sink and bathtub fixtures let you coordinate your whole bathroom with an innovative “tech” edge. Check out this digital faucet by Jado, and Ideal Standard luxury brand.
digital faucet e vision jado 2 Digital Faucet by Jado




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