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Italian Kitchen Design by Poliform – Matrix Varenna modern kitchens

Ultra-modern, cutting edge-style is brought to life with the Matrix Varenna Kitchens: Italian Kitchen Design by Poliform. This super modular kitchen has everything you could need in a kitchen – all presented in the most stylish and versatile way possible. Designed on a large scale, the Matrix Varenna Kitchens offer wide surfaces and loads of storage. Minimalist, contemporary style means that there is a stripped-down, clean feel that emphasizes the smart use of space. A peninsular construction makes for convenience of use. In a combination of your choice of gorgeous materials such as wenge wood, stainless steel, corda glossy lacquer, glass, corian and ebony, this is truly a kitchen for the discerning. The endless possibilities of cabinetry with the Matrix Varenna Kitchens allows for a high level of personalisation. To become an integral part of the process of designing the perfect kitchen to suit you, call on Poliform.



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