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Interior Design Trends that are OUT for 2020

Happy New Year to everyone that enjoys home decor as much as we do. If you are an active reader here, then you are well aware that we just did an article on trends that will be seen everywhere this year; therefore, it only made sense for us to bring you trends that are completely out! There is no better way to learn what the room needs than to know what not to include in it. The following trends are completely out this year and we are completely okay with that.

Gray on Gray

Use gray as an accent hue instead of the main focus to truly make the room come to life overall

Gray has always been a wonderful shade to use throughout the years. It’s one of those hues that has been around since 2010 as the main focus. However, while we will be seeing of this shade once again we won’t be seeing it as often or as the main focus any longer. Matter of fact, gray won’t be used as often and if it will be used as an additional shade.

Too Safe

Instead of making it safe and uniformed consider making it a little more personal to create a contrast

This year we are stepping away from the “too safe” concept. While these shades are perfect balancing bits they are also a bit “boring” and this year we are staying away from that. Furthermore, move away from monochromatic rooms that have mainly taupe, gray or white and have all the furniture and walls match that color palette.

Industrial Design

Breakaway from the industrial touch to make the room feel sleek and charming without taking away from it.

Industrial design has always been known for being cold, frigid and even a bit impersonal, this year we are staring clear of impersonal designs and branching out to a more personal touch. It’s all about having a cozy approach that feels warm. Therefore, industrial decor is out and cozy is in, in the biggest way.

Kitchen Dining Table

Keep it sleek and charming by adding personality. It’s all about working with the room’s personality.

When you first read this your main thought might be “no more kitchen, dining table?!” However, that is not entirely true. Having a dining table in the kitchen is still on-trend, but with a twist. The twist being your kitchen, the dining table will feel more intimate. Including upholstered chairs, and lower tables to make the room feel sleeker and cozy, having this contrast makes the room come to life without disrupting your approach.

Cool Tones

Embrace other shades instead of the cool ones to make the room feel new and fresh without taking away from the room’s overall approach

Whether you are in a modernly decorated room or simply want to know what colors will be taking over this season- the answer is cool tones. Cools tones will be all the rage this year, not because they are soft and unique, but because they bring in as much personality as possible. Regardless, if you add it in with texture, paint or material, the option is up to you. The main focus is to get the hues in right where you need it.

Accent Walls

Stay away from making bold accent wall, consider painting the entire room that bold shade

Did you think you would ever see a trend display where it would say accent walls are out for the year? Neither did we! But that is the case this time. Accent walls are no longer the focus to have. If you love a pattern or element that much to paint an entire wall in a room, embrace it- paint the entire room. Though this might seem outrageous to some, and maybe even uncalled for, it’s the perfect way to get the pattern and color you want but more boldly.


Bring in quartz to truly make the room feel grand and sleek overall

Granite countertops are far from being over, but being the material of choice will no longer be the case. Not only is granite not as durable, but it’s quite predictable, change it up by bringing in quartz, or marble. These two materials are not only more durable but they’re easier to maintain which is always a plus. Furthermore, can we add that it’s easy to clean as well?

Mirrored Furniture

Keep it fresh without using mirrored night stands to make it feel as new and modern as possible

For quite some time mirrored furniture has been the go-to item for many. However, this year they are completely out, they are almost considered outdated. For a more modern twist bring in a translucent appeal, it’s not only more current but it works well with all of your decor overall.


Keep your decor as sleek and modern as possible by having as little as possible with a mosaic twist that is rarely felt

Although we love a mosaic look, it’s becoming outdated. It’s no longer something that will be seen regularly, instead, we are looking at alternatives that offer color and style without the outdated element. Furthermore, consider a solid backsplash with weaved in color instead of using a mosaic element.

Formal Separation

Ensure the room feel as open as possible so the room feels charming instead of stuck in previous years.

Do you have a formal living room nobody can sit in or do you use it twice a year only during the holidays? If that is the case, it’s time to open up the room and fully embrace it as part of the home, not just something that waits to be used.

While most decorating styles tend to come back one way or another this year, most of them are gone. Share with us below which trend that is no longer a trend will you be sad to see go.


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