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Incredible Mediterranean Style Pool Space by Maria Lladó

When one thinks of adding a pool to their backyard, the vision is usually much more pedestrian. Tile patio, a few umbrellas and lawn loungers. But why not do something like this incredible Mediterranean style space out back? Transport yourself to a faraway place when you go to your own yard. The polished cement surface surrounding the pool really highlights the water – your eyes follow the blue. And the low levels of the loungers and cushions bring you down to the level of the water – and give almost a Moroccan feel to the space. The greenery surrounding the pool makes you feel that you’re off somewhere remote – despite the proximity of neighbors. There is a lot of privacy in this design. And the length of the pool means you can do great laps, get your exercise in every morning! Can’t you just see yourself taking a nap or reading a book in that hammock? Ah, the good life! Bueno!

Interior Design: Maria Lladó


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