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Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?

Bright, colorful appliances are quickly making a huge comeback and we are completely here for it! While having a lime green refrigerator might make most cringe or think back to the 60s, these blast from the past are coming in hot. Colorful appliances can easily brighten a darker room or add a modern twist without being overbearing or causing you to completely change up your décor. Plus, there is also the case of having multiple different options. Keeping that in mind, we bring you a guide on how to incorporate colorful appliances the right way.

Start Small

A pastel toaster could give you the color you need without much effort or compromise needed.

For those that want to add a colorful appliance to the kitchen yet don’t want a complete makeover starting small is the way to go. There are plenty of colorful, bold, small kitchen appliances that can make a huge difference in the room with little to no effort. Consider starting with a toaster, a juicer, tea kettle or even a fun blender for a beautiful hint of color.

Stove maybe?

If you had to highlight one appliance in your kitchen we would always suggest your stove, it’s not only the most used appliance but its quite fun to see others react to such a bold statement.

Ever since most of us can remember stoves came in white, black, stainless steel or a metallic hue; however, there is now the option of having a fun colored stove that makes a huge impact in the area. You might want to consider a seasonal color or a hue that will seamlessly function with your current décor as a colorful stove is more of a permanent fixture.

Mellow Yellow

A mellow yellow hue is perfect when you want a refreshing touch without taking away from your decor, its also a great way to get color in while having simple decor.

In case you missed a post or two yellow was a huge color this year, from appearing on red carpets to being considered top-notch in interior designing. Keeping that in mind, we love the idea of softer yellow appliances. A mellow yellow hue works because its light enough to work all-year-round yet works seamlessly with any other pieces that you might have.

Stand Mixer

A colorful stand mixer is perfect for adding color as it has a naturally retro feel, this works exceptionally well when you display your stand mixer as part of your kitchen.

Another option for those that want to add color in a non-permanent manner- a colored stand mixer. Stand mixers have been around for approximately 100 years or so, which means they have come a long way since they were first made, yet they continue to be used for most things in the world. Therefore, if you already love your stand mixer its might be time to upgrade to a more colorful version.

Change Your Hood

Want to take your hood to the next level? Change it for a colorful and match it to your stove for the perfect pairing of colors.

We love a good kitchen hood, its one of those classic staples in a kitchen. Furthermore, they are quite versatile which is fantastic when you want to add color. Change up your hood by adding a colorful one that brings a bold texture on its every own.

Retro Flair

Robin blue offers the perfect blend of retro blue while still being chic and modern all at once.

As previously stated, colorful appliances are a thing from the past but since their comeback, we are loving the idea of adding a retro flair to your kitchen with robin blue appliances. Robin blue is not a popular color; therefore, it’s not the easiest to find yet it makes a huge impact when it is paired with other neutral bits.

Try Pairs

The key to having two appliances in bold hues that work in a room is having them in the same color. Having them in the same color expands the room all at the same time.

While having one colorful appliance is a cute idea having a pair of color appliances is a grand idea. Why have one when you can have multiple? Add two to brighten up the room seamlessly and in a few and creative manner.

Go Pastel

No matter how against the idea of having colorful appliances a pastel stove is sure to change your mind. There’s just something unique about it that makes you want to fall in love with the idea.

Maybe bright colors aren’t for you so you’re a bit worried about trying the trend if that is the case pastels are here to save the day! They are the perfect blend of color without overpowering the room in any way shape or form, simply adding the perfect blend of color.

Citron Yellow

Citron is a daring bold color; therefore, you want to make it the main statement of the overall room.

If you’re like us and love color and the idea of having colorful appliances, then adding a citron refrigerator is perfect! Citron is just the perfect bold addition to your kitchen, its daring, it’s captivating and its unique in its own right.

Elegance is always a good idea

Burgundy stoves are our personal favorites due to how much richness they bring to any appeal in the room.

To conclude this guide, we have one simple question to as you- Are you ready to incorporate colorful appliances? Please share with us your ideas below.


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