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Home Decor Stylish Color Trends for 2019

Though it might seem as if the year is almost ending, we are truly just getting started on the best months of the year. Crispier weather is right around the corner and the holidays are almost at our feet. Keeping that in mind, there are a few new color palettes to indulge when you want to refresh your décor. Here are our favorite stylish color trends for 2019, that are all the rave.

Olive Green

The key to working with olive green is allowing it to be the focus of the room.

Although olive green is a timeless shade that works well on most occasions, 2019 has been all about embracing the shade and falling in love with its stylish appeal. It’s peaceful yet makes a rioted all on its own, it blends well with any décor you already all while making a statement when it’s intended to. The hue is perfect as a statement or when you want to bring something fresh to the room.

Dazzling Bronze

Bring in bronze light fixtures when you want to make the room feel bright and enchanting without overbearing it with color.

We are seeing more and more bronze as time goes on. The chic hue is now becoming a staple in midwestern homes, but traditional and modern homes as well. You want to embrace the warming tone and bring a sleek approach right where you want to add a metallic bit. The trick is having a bronzed approach without compromising the décor you already have.

Neutrals with Blue

Scatter your bits of blue throughout the neutral room, for a welcome approach without too much color in your palette.

For the color lover, who is borderline afraid of adding “too much color” this palette is the way to go. Having a neutral palette is always a top contender because it works exceptionally well with an array of colors; however, there is no better color pairing quite like having neutrals blended with bits of blue. Blue is versatile, chic and welcoming while the neutral bits will ensure you always have balance in the room regardless of how many shades of blue you end up using.

Jewel Tone Accents

Why have one jewel tone when you can have two? The idea is to have jewel tone accents that make a statement

Yes, you read that correctly, jewel tones are back on trend and we are excited. There is something fun and even exciting about jewel tone accents. With that being said, the key is working them in, where you feel there is a lack of color. You do not want to bombard the space with décor, instead, you want to bring a fresh twist right where you need it most.

Pale Pink

Add some fun patterns or greenery to bring an enchanting touch

Pale pinks are coming in strong this year, whether that be due to how easy they are to work with or due to how fun they appear. Having the slightest hint of pink in your home can make a huge difference. Not only will it add color, but it will bring a feminine twist right where you need it most. Consider working bits of green for a beautiful display.

Deep Greens

Add in dark green sofas to make your home feel as grandiose as possible.

Just like olive green is here to save the day, deep hues of green are too. The shade is coming in extremely strong this year and while most don’t know how to feel about it, we are personally enjoying it.  Blending it with modern bits of brown, gold and beige for a beautiful display that feels fresh and new.

Misty Blues

Pair your misty blue hue with bits of gray to bring a cohesive twist that makes sense to the room.

This year we are ending it on a blue note, but not just any blue hue but a misty hue. A misty blue hue works well because it has an edge to it, yet is soft and works well with a multitude of decorating styles. This hue works best when you are working on adding a farmhouse approach with a blue twist. Furthermore, this soft hue has a gray undertone that is felt throughout seamlessly without a heavy dose of too much blue or the hue overbearing the room.

Bold Yellow

Bring yellow to the bathroom for a cheerful twist that makes sense.

In 2019 yellow is one of the highlights of the year. The hue is associated with optimism, happiness, and vibrancy, making it the perfect hue to bring a lively approach that makes the room feel welcoming. Pair with cool hues of blue, soft bits of pinks and even a refreshing palette of beige. You want to bring the room to the forefront while having that classic approach that makes a room come to life.


Bring in a terracotta hue when you want a more classic look to your living room space.

For those that want to bring an earthy touch to any room, terracotta is the way to go. Considered a clay hue, this shade makes any room feel warm and expansive. You want to continue using the same hues for the perfect outcome. The idea is having terracotta become the main focus of the room while still showcasing what you already have. Think of the hue as the perfect way of adding a creamy twist with bits of rust.

Dusty Rose

Bring your dusty rose touch to the room for a classic touch.


Millennial pink has been the statement hue to have until now. Dusty pink is making a comeback quickly and swiftly. The hue is coming with a vengeance and we are loving it. It’s a warmer shade of pink that does not take away from your décor instead it brings a cozy feminine vibe. It’s the perfect form of bringing a sweet twist without being over the top or taking away from the room’s aesthetic. Think of it as an additional hue that brightens the space.

When it comes to stylish color trends 2019 has been a wild ride, and we are loving it. Share with us your ideas below.


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