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High-end Luxury Bathroom Sink from Adagio – wood and marble sinks

For fabulous sinks of exotic materials Adagio provide quality and distinctive style. With a range of wood and marble sinks, each with its own character and glamour, Adagio can provide luxurious sink for any design. Wooden sinks add unusual colour and texture to bathroom fixtures. The WD-105 for example features a lovely organic form to match its natural wood grains. Carved from a large laminated block of wood, the sink features ring layers. Each layer is formed by several different blocks for a variety of warm colours and grains. The sink is then finished to a sensual glossy shine. Marble sinks provide classic sophistication in modern forms. The ML-002 starts as a rounded rectangular block of Royal Green marble. The carved top surface sweeps up to a ring peak before rushing down to the bowl’s centre. A sculptural creation the marble sink appears to be fluid, as if reacting to the rushing water. Gorgeous and glamorous, Adagio luxury sinks offer beautiful materials in modern sculptural forms.


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