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The Heavens Wallpaper is Spray-Painted to Perfection

Looking at The Heavens wallpaper collection from Flat Vernacular, it’s hard to justify the solid wall painting we’ve been doing at our homes for years. Just look at how gorgeous and interesting a group of contrasting hues can look layered in an arbitrary sequence.

If it appears to be spray-painted, it’s not. Printed with a variety of grey, dark and light blue inks, the wallpaper is washable and strippable as well as unpasted and Class A fire rated.

The Heavens - Sea Spray wallpaper
The Heavens – Sea Spray wallpaper
The Heavens - Cupcake wallpaper
The Heavens – Cupcake wallpaper

Imagine how many amazing complex room designs can be created around such complicated prints. Balancing them out won’t be hard, but even choosing from the abundance of color options and additional accessories can take a lot of strength and determination.

The only neutral design – Béton Brut – from the collection comes in a gorgeous lavender grey. The rest of it offers a rich combination of shades of blue, pink, yellow, and green.

Being a wall mural, the wallpaper requires careful sampling, so be sure to order larger samples. Flat Vernacular also offers a huge assortment of unique printed wallpaper. Florals, animals, and all kinds of abstract motifs come in the mix of graphic patterns.

If you can’t get enough of their imaginative creations, there are also The Heavens fabrics. These you can use to upholster furniture, make curtains or tablecloths, or sew bed linens. The Belgian oyster cotton and linen blend also comes printed with some other designs from the brand. There is just too much room for creativity and experimentation.

The best thing about this wallpaper is that you can really use it as is or as a mural. You can cover a ceiling with Nebula to create an atmosphere of a night sky or turn your bedroom into a foggy island with Béton Brut.

The Heavens Wallpaper for the Brave and the Bold

The Heavens -Zephyr wallpaper
The Heavens – Zephyr wallpaper
The Heavens -Dondi
The Heavens wallpaper – Dondi
The Heavens - Béton Brut wallpaper
The Heavens – Béton Brut wallpaper
The Heavens - Astral Blue wallpaper
The Heavens – Astral Blue wallpaper
The Heavens - Nebula wallpaper
The Heavens – Nebula wallpaper

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