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Heads Above the Rest: AIR Shower head by Massimiliano Settimelli

Massimiliano Settimelli designed this incredible shower head for the new Webert line, Comfort. And he weren’t kidding around – what a design! Multifunctional settings allow a stream, a rainshower — or both. The fixture is lightweight and aerodynamic and made of stainless steel. Just imagine stepping into this oasis after a hard day of work. The stream mimics a natural waterfall and you can emphasize this feature even more by choosing river rocks for your shower wall (or floor). Add a few Boston ferns (they love the moisture), some music without words and some fluffy white towels. The stream cascading down will transport you to another world. The soft rain will hold you in that special place. Who needs a $500 a day spa when you’ve got one at home?

More information: Webert


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