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Green Fireplace Tile Idea

This is a very cool idea for fireplace tile – make it green! It’s an unexpected color for a fireplace, true. But that’s what makes it such a cool idea. It’s a pop of color in a place you aren’t expecting it. And it’s a natural addition to the wood – like leaves to the tree. This unique feature was designed into a house in Germany by Marcus Innauer. It’s a style you could mimic with the open chimney and box-like enclosure. It’s a great style for a wood or pellet stove or fireplace design. It’s clean – and the large green squares play nicely against the long, slender planks of the floor, wall and ceiling. You could even experiment with other colors, or multiple colors – depending on the room. Warmth and style, rolled into one.
Architect: Markus Innauer
Photo: Adolf Bereuter


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