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Gorgeous Ceramic Tiles by Franco Pecchioli – Green Vibrations collection

Bring nature back into your bathroom decor with these gorgeous Italian ceramic tiles by Franco Pecchioli. Boasting classic beauty and contemporary luxury, the Green Vibrations ceramic tile collection is characterized by raw yet refined finishes, and vibrant colors that are a masterpiece by Mother Nature. These modern tiles get their unusual look by blending a variety of materials like cast iron, metal fragments and artistic mosaic inlays that are as random as they are ravishing. These tiles and slabs can be cut to size to suit your floors, walls, backsplash, countertops, shower enclosure and tub surround in style. Imagine different patterns and sizes of tile coming together in one bathroom, for an eclectic and elegant look on the cutting edge of design. For images and inspirations based on the Green Vibrations collection, check these stunning ceramic bathroom tile ideas and designs or visit Franco Pecchioli.



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