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Gold Faucet from Newform

newform gold faucet neo class x Gold Faucet from Newform
Gold Faucet: a sensation style for those serious about making an impression – from Newform. The new faucets are made into rich accessories meant only for the discerning with this luxurious gold finish. The ‘Gold Addiction’ range offers sparkling or matt gold finishes to complete the X-Sense, Class-X and Neo Class-X bath collections. X-Sense is a modern, straight to the point collection with a slim line and smart lever operation. Class-X is a stately, substantial faucet with traditional two-knob operation and a chunky, angular look. Neo-Class-X takes elements of the previous two – the modern and the classic, and combines these two elements into an unusual faucet with strong presence. If you’ve got it, flaunt it… with the magnificent gold finish of the Newform faucets.

newform gold faucet class x Gold Faucet from Newform



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