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Gold Colored Bathroom Fixtures by Scarabeo

Gold is back and taking center stage as this year’s hottest metallic for home decor. But these gold colored bathroom fixtures by Scarabeo are taking the trend a step beyond that simple gold-toned faucet or showerhead. The Italian bathroom brand is going full-on gold with lavish-looking sinks and washbasins, toilets and bidets for the luxury-seeker. Offering a contemporary look, some fixtures combine white ceramic with touches of gold, like the gold base of a toilet and bidet combo, or the exterior of a sink. Others go bold in gold from top to bottom, bringing a little glitz and glam to the bathroom. If you have a soft spot for silver, these fixtures are also available in the platinum finish. Another hot trend for 2011 – mix and match your metallics. Gold, platinum and bronze – anything goes! For more info visit Scarabeo.



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