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Scarabeo Reinterprets the Common Sink Drain Design

A modern sink drain design does not have to be boring! Witness the Scarabeo horizontal drain that cuts through the entire length of the basin. Just when you thought there was nothing left that would amaze you in the bathroom sink world! Introduced in the new sink series Mizu, the innovative drain is not camouflaged as in most today’s sinks but instead, it’s made into an object of attention, adding an intriguing aesthetic with its graphic straight line design. Designed by Emo Design, the Mizu ceramic sinks are available in round and rectangular shapes, and in countertop and under-mount versions. This contemporary sink style will work with any bathroom – the design is sleek and elegant but there’s something playful about that drain. It’s the unexpected piece in the puzzle, the piece that draws your attention. Drains are supposed to be round. And in the middle of the sink. Aren’t they? Scarabeo has been putting together amazing bathroom fixtures for over fifty years. And being Italian, they know porcelain well. The company’s philosophy is to make the washbasin the focal point of the room. And as long as they keep creating winners like this, it’s a sure thing.

More information: Scarabeo Ceramica


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