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Contemporary Sink from Omvivo – Onda Washplane by Joseph Licciardi

An elegant compromise between design and functionality, the Onda Washplane is a contemporary sink from Omvivo that pushes the boundaries of design. Designed by Joseph Licciardi, the contemporary sink incorporates his concept of a shallow basin to respond to the modern bathing ritual, which utilises a constant flow of clean water. Simply stunning, the well-proportioned and flowing expanse of the sink allows the user to appreciate the beauty of surging water without any distractions. The contemporary sink is a minimalist design, as suitable for an urban apartment as it is for a more secluded escape in the country. Due to the austere design of the Onda washplane, the top quality material and manufacture is effortlessly emphasised. Available in double or single versions, the corian or glass is a seamless and hygienic surface which is perfect for catching splashes. Bring the slim and unobtrusive design of the Onda Washplane from Omvivo to your bathroom.



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