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Unusual Bathroom Basins by Omvivo – Motif and KL

These unusual bathroom basins by Omvivo make a fab focal point in the modern bath. The Motif and KL basins have an artistic quality about them, executed in very different ways.
The Motif basin is Zen, with its earthy pebble motif and simple palette of materials. But the look is really contemporary, a stunning complement to solid tile and stone, glass and even wood. The solid sides emphasize the “bottomless” effect of the etched-glass bottom.

The KL basin is a more modern, almost abstract design that’s appreciated as much for its practical properties as for its unusual look. This solid-surface sink comes in a choice of tempting hues. You see it, and you can’t resist exploring how it works. Go ahead, turn it on! Your bathroom will never be the same!
Check out these basins by visiting Omvivo.


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