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Goccia Kitchen Faucet by Gessi is built into the dining table

Who said that water belongs only in the bathroom and kitchen sink? The Goccia kitchen faucet from Gessi is illustrating a new and innovative way to incorporate water outlets in unexpected places. Designer Prospero Result created this contemporary kitchen and dining table with a water faucet built right in, thus redefining the traditional uses our spaces. According to Gessi, “Not only does [Goccia] score highly for its attention-grabbing looks, but the ambitious concept looks to bring water into the living room. This fresh thinking is inspired by an apparent gradual shift toward a more hybrid role for certain rooms in the home.” Ideal for open-concept homes and small spaces where multi-function is a must, this modern table with faucet features a fluid, liquid-inspired form that is as beautiful as it is practical. And speaking of practical, all Gessi faucets are eco friendly and offer 50-per-cent water conservation. The sculptural contours of this slim, sleek faucet make a striking centerpiece, and if someone at the table is thirsty, a drink is at your fingertips. The faucet comes in ultra-modern opaque or glossy white and black, polished silver or gold. For more information on this clever dining table faucet design, visit Gessi.



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