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Goat Leather Stool Rona by Nuloom


We just love this stool with the goat leather seat. It’s very unique – which is something we’re always looking for. Goat skin is more durable than cowhide, but not as common by a long shot. In fact, it’s used only in about 9% of all leather furniture. Which is actually surprising – the hide is much softer and more pliable, due to the amount of lanolin that occurs naturally in goat leather. This stool has clean lines and a lot of presence. It would make a wonderful statement piece in a room with white leather sofa and chair. And the stool itself can be used as a footstool, or a chair. There’s only one thing you have to watch for with a product this popular. It’s actually sold out right now at Nuloom – they can’t keep up with the demand! But watch for it to return very soon – and get yours fast before they disappear again!

More information or to purchase: Nuloom


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