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Life Sized Plywood Animals from Yellow Goat Design

When Yellow Goat first made Humfrey (the line is called Humfrey and Friends) for a retail display, it was so well-received, they put it into production for general sale. And isn’t the kid in you glad they did? Humfrey is a life-size hippo, made from plywood and he’s charming! Every house should have one. The kids (and/or grandkids) will love him! Humfrey’s friends are child-size life-size: Hamish (the pig), Pat (the cow), Timmy (the sheep) and Eloise (the chicken). Yellow Goat is a sassy design studio in Australia that isn’t afraid to take a chance and develop something totally different. Did you notice Humfrey’s tail? See the photo below – it’s a stainless handle. Whimsical touches and solid design make Humfrey and Friends a gotta-have addition to the playroom!

More information: Yellow Goat


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