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Cowhide Lounge Chair by Italy Dream Design – Oyster

Designed by Mauro Lipparini for Italy Deam Design, the Oyster Lounge chair is an invitation to pure relaxation. The shape of this chair is quite original, as the seat takes the comfortable concave shape of an oyster. And comfort is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at Oyster: the shape, the generous padding of the seat, the fact that it comes on a swivel structure and the matching foot rest. Its contemporary design lines make it suitable for many types of interiors, be they homes, offices, airline or hotel lounges. The cowhide version conveys however a more intimate feel, and is more suitable for private interiors. It could be perfect next to a fireplace, in a quiet reading corner or in a home study/library. At the same time the cowhide recalls the mountains, so one could easily imagine Oyster in a luxury mountain lodge or chalet interior. The swivel base offers to whoever sits in this chair the great advantage of being in more places without having to actually move of one inch. By simply turning around its axis, one can face a nice fire, a great view out the window, an interlocutor or watch TV. A great piece to add to design your wish list!


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