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Modern Stone Cabin in Northern Italy is a Romantic Gem

This modern cabin in Northern Italy is a real gem designed in stone. Architect Alberto Vinotti (EV+A Lab) created Casa VI from the ruins of an old stone ruin. The exterior is made of locally sourced stones and looks centuries old. The interior, on the other hand, is pure contemporary. Located in the Italian Alps (Orobie Alps), the residence sits at 3,280 feet above sea level. It consists of a ground floor entrance, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, with the south zone as a double height. Upstairs, there are two bedrooms and a loft. Working with the pre-existing ruin, and unable to choose the best spot for day lighting, the architect opted for a roof with a unique layer facing south so that through skylights and other openings, the house would have light all the year. Let the sun shine in.
This modern mountain cabin was built using only locally sourced stone and traditional building techniques.

Maximizing sun and bringing light into the home was a primary concern.
A good example of sustainable architecture, Casa VI was built using resources from its surroundings.
And while maximizing light was a major consideration, so was this incredible view.
Natural larch wood covers the floor of the open, modern interior.
Aren’t the second level stairs wild? We love them. This romantic retreat in the Italian Alps is clean and minimalist.
We love the long custom cement block fireplace. Just love it. Concrete is so versatile.
The kitchen is very minimalist. The interior is a combination of reinforced concrete, natural larch and iron (white).
Everything is open – and unadorned. An almost industrial look with a Scandinavian influence.
The bathroom pieces are all custom made to fit with the design and restricted materials. All are bespoke – the sink, the toilet, the bidet. It looks very urban loft.
The dining table is simply wood and white iron is also bespoke. The stool seats keep with the surroundings. They are blocks of natural wood with dynamic grains and patterns.
The larch wood and white iron works very well together as a pairing of materials.
The loft areas are open and simple – the skylights are a big factor in day-lighting the house.
Looking down from the loft into the kitchen – you can see how much natural light this stone cabin attracts. I bet by now, you’ve kind of forgotten how rustic the outside looks, haven’t you?
Windows and skylights are all placed to maximize light. A loft area expands the living space without losing the height.
The layout and design of the house is very pleasing to the palette. And wait until you see the bedroom.
The Italian Alps await you. Could you sleep here?
The windows really are the epitomy of picture windows. The big picture.
Big windows mean big views. And lots of natural light on the inside.
Rustic outside, modern inside. Romantic everywhere.
And slowly, night falls over the Italian Alps.
Sweet Dreams.
Photography: Marcello Mariana.
Architect: Alberto Vinotti, EV+A Lab.


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