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Global Style Bathroom by GAD Architecture

Inspired by the legendary Turkish bath, these global style bathrooms designed by GAD Architecture are also refreshingly contemporary. They were designed as part of their Weinstabl House project in Istanbul. The choices of concrete, wood and glossy finishes gives the bathrooms a raw, streamlined look. The modernized classical hardware and the cool color scheme soften the space. Of special interest is the sunken tub. It is not only highly interesting, but it keeps true to the traditional Turkish bath experience. It is also a perfect solution to keeping the space free flowing and open, as the tub doesn’t take up much space, visually speaking. On the other hand, to break up the coolness of the floor, the wooden floor sections are a nice touch and add a natural warmth to the space. Together, these factors result in a bathroom suite that is quietly majestic, natural and serene. Designed perfectly to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation. For more inspiration, visit GAD Architecture.



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