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Restaurant Style Kitchen Decor – design by GAD Architecture

If you love entertaining and dinner parties, wouldn’t a restaurant style kitchen such as this one designed by GAD Architecture be just sublime? That’s just what the owner of this house in Istanbul had in mind. The designers came up with this industrial style kitchen decor to suit his needs. We imagine the hardwood floors are treated to withstand the wear and tear of usual kitchen traffic. But the choice of wood floors really softens up the space. Imagine a concrete or tile floor? The room would have a completely different feel. The concrete ceiling on the other hand, and the exposed vent pipes really give it that industrial feel. All that stainless steel gives it an authentic restaurant style quality. So does the choice of open shelving. And the fridge is just the cherry on top. With a large glass door, it’s the perfect way to show off your most recent kitchen creations. Visit GAD Architecture for more information.



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