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Glass tile floor from ThinkGlass – walking on glass is a new experience

The mere thought of walking on a glass floor may seem daunting, but a glass tile floor from ThinkGlass will make walking on glass an activity that everyone will want to experience. The addition of a glass tile floor will bring a sense of openness and light into any space. It can serve as a structural element that is anti-skid and very resistant to impact, making it a safe alternative to traditional opaque flooring products. The unique molding process utilized by ThinkGlass allows for the possibility of creating new or repetitive textures for a very low cost and enables the production of filled glass slabs that are unconstrained by thickness requirements. These factors create a myriad of design opportunities, providing products for diverse applications, including copper plated glass tiles that add an exquisite metallic spark, floor tiles that incorporate LED lighting to create a warm glow underfoot, or fused glass in a variety of textures. ThinkGlass


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