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Gemstone Sinks and Countertops from Rachiele

By working with the natural qualities in glamorous gemstones, Rachiele is able to capture a fluid organic beauty within hard solid rock. Stunning stone ripples with natural grains and mottled colours, creating gorgeous gemstone vessel sinks and wide gemstone countertops. Available in a selection of geometric and free-form styles, the Rachiele gemstone sinks create a bold and distinctive statement in luxury bathrooms. When paired with a matching gemstone countertop, Rachiele offers a luxurious canvas of vibrant organic colour. Offered in broad range of exotic stones like the Amber and Turquoise shown, Rachiele vessels become sculptural and artistic additions to modern interiors. Natural beauty that blooms up from gemstone countertops, the glamorous gemstone sinks from Rachiele make a dramatic addition to contemporary bathrooms.


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