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French woven rugs by Weavers Art – the European Rug collection

Aubusson was once the home of master weavers that created magnificent rugs for the French Palaces. Inspired by European contemporary art, the master craftsmen reinterpreted these visions into woven masterpieces that adorned the floors of Versailles. Weavers Art collection of European designs recreates these historic beauties for today’s modern homes. French artists supervise the creation of these luxurious rugs in Asia, ensuring they retain the quality and workmanship Aubusson was known for. The range includes highly decorative and ‘gilded’ patterns of historical elegance. The Aubusson design rug shown offers a more restrained decoration perfect for modern interiors while still providing the refined luxury of French woven rugs. Made from high quality New Zealand wool they are naturally resistant to stains, making it easier to care for than even most synthetic fibres. For French decadence and luxury Weavers Art’s Aubusson rugs bring regal high quality craftsmanship back to life.


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