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Contemporary Area Rugs & Carpets – Tibetan Rug luxury

Opulent textiles of traditional handmade quality, Tibetan contemporary area rugs breathe new life into modern interiors. Once the complement of 1920s and 30s modernism, the new modern artistic carpets reflected the clean lines of the International and Art Deco styles. Now with new materials like concrete being integrated into modern living spaces and the resurgence of tile and hardwood flooring, new contemporary area rug is the obvious choice for balancing comfort with amazing beauty and design. These contemporary Tibetan carpets and rugs offer the highest quality of luscious textile design. Using traditional eastern techniques, Tibetan craftsmen have embraced modern designs and colour to create carpets of timeless beauty and modern artistry. Every Tibet rug is truly majestic work of art. Abstract forms, natural tribal symbols, and solid colour fields are used to form gorgeous wool area rugs that are engaging and elicit a subjective response.
As famous rug designer James Tufenkian said: “A rug can anchor a room; it can define space, as a focal point or a subtle backdrop. Unlike most furniture, a good rug is one of the only things you can use for decades and it will still have value.”
Contemporary Tibetan rug can complement any design style, from muted minimalism to vibrant colours and patterns. And for those with exacting visions and taste, it can be custom made to your desires. Contemporary area rug helps blend old with new; both fine antiques and sleek modern designs produce a unified interior design when combined with custom Tibetan rug. Truly the perfect choice for stately homes and estates of exquisite taste, Tibetan area rug provides luxurious and sensual textile embellishments for the finest rooms and furnishings. Now available from several companies, below we’ve highlighted five of the finest companies that offer distinctive contemporary style.

Luxury Carpets from Tufenkian – the Contemporary Tibetan area rugs
A world leader in Tibetan carpet design, Tufenkian has created a community of artisan weavers to craft their vibrant works of contemporary art. Imported from Nepal, the Tufenkian carpets are woven from fine Tibetan wool from highland sheep. Hand carded and spun, Tufenkian creates lovely naturally textured wool. The only concession to modern textile technology is in the dyes. By using Swiss metal dyes Tibetan craftsmen can choose from a huge range of modern colours that never fade or run. In the Tufenkian contemporary collection, rich muted tones bring a cosy warmth to the plush thick carpet, while strong geometric patterns add structure and rhythm to room design. Modern elegance and sophistication in timeless quality, Tufenkian carpets provide gorgeous beauty in form and style.
Modern rugs from Tibet and Nepal by Accent on Rugs of Los Gatos
Accent on Rugs of Los Gatos offers several collections of Tibetan and Nepalese rug designs, accommodating a range of modern styles. The Italia Collection features primitive chic carpets from Nepal. Mixtures of rich earthy colours bring impressions of Italian fields and gardens and the vibrant life of the soil. The Wool Tibetan Carpets are hand woven in Nepal and uses a mixture of wools to create a buzzing busy colour. Featuring bold geometric patterns or traditional floral motifs the Vegetal Dye collection combines both the old and the new.
The Kodari Wool Rugs from Nepal use uneven organic lines and implied layers of colour to create dynamic modern canvases. Bright colours and rough torn-like edges lend an organic geometry to these distinctive carpets. Finally the Pacific Contemporary Rug Collection uses lighter pink and purple pastels for a more light casual American style. With such a selection of carpet designs to choose from Accent on Rugs of Los Gatos is bound to have a style to fit your home.
Oscar De La Renta Tibetan rugs collection from Elsen & Company
Inspired by icon fabric from Oscar De La Renta famous fashion house, Elsen & Company brings designer fashion to Tibetan floor coverings. Many of the carpet designs feature dense repeated patterns of floral or geometric designs, but there are unusual animal prints and large print patterns for a unique and distinctive look. Timeless patterns bring a solid and reassuring ground to a room, and accents today’s classic styles. With over twenty-five gorgeous patterns to choose from, there really is an Oscar De La Renta design for everyone. Hand crafted in Nepal, the Tibetan area rugs are made from Himalayan wool and range between $30 and $100 per square foot. Fabulous designer carpets can provide a timeless style that will last for years.
Contemporary design rugs from Tibet Carpets
Tibet Carpets have been producing fine quality carpets for over 20 years. By working with refugee artisans in India and Nepal, Tibet Carpets create modern heirloom quality rugs. Completely handcrafted, each Ralo Tibetan carpet is made from Tibetan wool bought on the grey-market and then hand carded and spun. Each glows with a lustre and beauty that only handcrafting can provide. The company offers a range of contemporary carpet designs, from geometric creations and gradated colour, to modern busy patterns and traditional Tibetan motifs. Bright vibrant reds are particularly distinctive and lend a passionate warmth. Gorgeous carpets that will last generations, Tibet Carpets are woven with ecological and social consciousness.
Karma Carpets – the Jet Set Tibetan area rug collection
With a palette of over 175 colours, Karma Carpets can brighten and complement any room. Featuring brilliant Pop Art patterns in a range of complementary palettes, the company creates happy retro designs. The intense and vibrant colours engage your emotions, while the concentric patterns lend a comforting rhythm. Reminiscent of 60s glamour and vitality, these retro rugs are as charming as they are well made. In 1999, Karma Carpets was created expressly to market these wonderful rugs crafted by the Tibetan refugees and to bring much needed money into the region. Using Himalayan and New Zealand wool, Karma carpets are woven in the oldest Tibetan settlement in Nepal. Each carpet is hand-woven and hand-tufted by master craftsmen. Gorgeous graphic patterns in vibrant bold colours, Karma Carpets bring charming quality home.


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