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Four Level New York Penthouse with Reflective Spiral Slide

We’re not quite sure how architect David Hotson came up with this crazy cool, four level penthouse perched atop a NYC skyscraper, but there’s one thing we do know – this one-of-a-kind urban house is totally out of this world! Created in collaboration with interior design studio Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design, this unique house design boasts the sleek urban edge for which New York homes are known. Its minimalist white palette is splashed up with unusual architectural features, thoughtful contemporary art, massive windows that invite natural light and, and glossy floors and finishes that bounce it into every nook and cranny. At the center of this most interesting home, a polished steel spiral slide twists from top to bottom, leaving you breathless in its wake.

The 1986 structure – one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers to be built in the area – makes way for an ultra modern interior situated 21 storeys above the bustling Lower Manhattan streets below.
The entry is an apt welcome into this contemporary style home, the vibrant orange door being the first pop you’ll come across, among many. Keep your eyes open for amazing art, not to mention a number of other “unusual” elements….
Interiors are angular and ultra modern, the multi-faceted walls featuring lines that crisscross the space. The glossy white surfaces reflect and visually double the architectural lines.
Throughout the home, contemporary art brings a raw, human element to this otherwise cold, edgy space.
But that’s not to say interiors don’t have their warm side – this living area enjoys breathtaking views through massive arching windows, comfortable yet elegant furnishings in a palette of white, contrasted by the bold black baby grand and Moooi horse lamp.
A central stairway leads through this vertical home plan, past interesting architectural features, art and of course, the views.
The view from above…
Looking up through the vertical voids to the soaring ceiling overhead.
And here’s a taste of life at the very top.
One of the most unexpected features of this cool penthouse home is the polished steel slide, twisting and turning through the home and down to the entrance level.
Get ready for the ride of your life! From the architect, ” Visitors are invited to select a yellow cashmere blanket from the pile beside the entrance to speed their trip to the bottom…”
“To compete with the drama of the slide as it sweeps through the space and out the window to the stair, interior designer Ghislaine Vinas installed a startling mural, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Neverland, in the only vertical wall in the room. The saturated colors of the mural are fractured in the mirror polished facets of the slide, scatting patterns of color along the inner surface of the slide,” the architect explains.
“As it reaches the end, the helical slide tube flares out to create a distorted rectangular mirror which forms the wall of the Library and deposits the intrepid visitor back in the entrance gallery at the foot of the staircase.”
Another cool feature in this funhouse of a home is the climbing post, providing an interesting way up to rival the way down!
If you don’t feel like taking the stairs, just strap on the harness and go.
On your way up, you’ll pass this blooming sitting area, inviting you to take a rest surrounded by bright blooms of upholstery.
The angled windows follow the slope of the roof, adding character to interiors.
Glass half-walls enclose upper walkways, leaving sight lines clear to appreciate unobstructed views through the home.
A small but sweet bedroom enjoys it own private view and the raw emotion of art overlooking a clean, white palette punctuated by pops of salmon.
Between the window and the bed, a void open to below lets the light spill in and through lower levels.
In contrast to interiors, the rooftop terrace matched the warm, authentic facade of the brick building.
David Hotson
via HomeDSGN
photo credit: Eric Laignel


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