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Firewood Storage Racks – Woodstocker rack by Harrie Leenders

Enhance your outdoor living space with this rustic firewood storage rack – it’s as attractive and alluring a feature of the backyard as the fireplace itself! The Woodstocker rack by Harrie Leenders is a charming country-chic design made of corten and galvanized steel, forming a vertical storage space that that lets you store lots of logs while using a minimal footprint, leaving room for lawn, garden and play! Under its roof, this sheltered storage space keeps your firewood dry and ready to burn in all weather. Another nice thing about these racks is they are super-easy to assemble and dismantle, so you can take it apart, move it and add to it as required – the length is totally customizable to suit your backyard dimensions. Check out this awesome firewood storage rack at Harrie Leenders.



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