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Compact Outdoor Stove from Harrie Leenders – Spot, beautiful contemporary stove

Make this summer hotter than ever with the Spot compact stove from Harrie Leenders. This beautiful outdoor stove designed by Jos Muller attracts style-savvy people like moths to a flame, so to speak, quickly becoming the focal point of your outdoor ambiance. And with wood storage of 0.25m3 built right in, you’ll never have to go far to keep the fire burning. This modern stove is compact – measuring 400mm deep by 800mm wide by 1,060mm high with a 1,000mm chimney – so it conveniently fits even those small, hard-to-furnish outdoor spaces. Spot boasts a cool gunmetal finish and is available with adjustable plastic feet, an extended flue pipe, and an aluminum serving tray built right in. So whether you’re entertaining a party of one or a group of 20, crank up the heat on the Spot ;-). Check out this beautiful piece at Harrie Leenders.




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