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Contemporary Stove by Harrie Leenders – Canta W suspended stove rotates

A wonderful view of the lively fire crackling inside is a key feature of the Canta W contemporary stove from Harrie Leenders. The European company, Harrie Leenders, has been making stoves for 25 years, focusing strictly on complete combustion and ease of control. The Canta W is a clever choice of stove to make: suspended from the ceiling it keeps out of the way, yet offers the heat and view of the fire at the perfect level. It is also able to rotate, allowing you to get the best benefit from any angle. With its slim, modern looks, and gorgeous wide window, the Canta W is a stove ideal for urban living where space is at a premium. Embrace the convenience, good-looks and warmth of this contemporary stove: the Canta W from Harrie Leenders.


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