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Faux Pumpkins That Bring The Charm Instead Of The Spook

Can’t you tell we are obsessed with fall this year? A season filled with family gathers, an abundance of food, and all the pumpkins you can get your hands on. Pumpkins are great to decorate with, they are colorful, sleek, charming and fun; however, they also decay extremely quickly, which can be obnoxious and can cause you to have to change your décor frequently. To achieve a fall vibe without having to use real pumpkins, consider faux ones. Here’s how to use faux pumpkins to bring charm to your décor.

Faux and Real

Pair your new pumpkins with wooden bits to enhance the fall vibe of the space.

One of the easiest forms of bringing a fall feels to your home yet keeping it fresh is by mixing faux pumpkins with real flowers. The key is blending them to make the room come back to life. Bring in a faux pumpkin and add seasonal arrangements that further enhance the room’s fall vibe. You want to make sure you are constantly changing the flowers in your pumpkin. Add hues of berry, red, purple, orange and even green for a grand approach.

Painted White

It’s all about balance and adding a contrasting touch between what you already have. Add pumpkins of different sizes to make a bigger statement.

The beauty of using pumpkins is that they don’t always need to be orange. Sometimes they can come in a multitude of colors, allowing you to use them in unique ways. Consider painting them white. Painting your pumpkins, white will allow you to blend them anywhere. It’s an unexpected twist using a traditional fall item. Add intricate touches to your pumpkin such as feathers, and acorns to bring a modern twist right where you want it most.

Glitter Dipped

The more metallic the pumpkins the grander their appeal in the room

The holidays always call for a glittery twist. What better way to do just that than by taking your pumpkins and dipping them in glitter? Not only is this display charming and chic but it adds a feminine appeal right where you want and needs it most. To further enhance the room, consider having them painted in metallic before dipping them in glitter. A metallic, glittery pumpkin is the perfect conversation piece for all the guests you are sure to entertain.


Add a touch of you to truly make the room come to life. It’s all about being modern yet personal.

What better way to involve her family, then to display a monogrammed pumpkin? You can add the last name, number, or a name to bring that classic touch of personal right where you want and need it most. We love this idea for the front of your home, not only does it allow you to get creative, but thanks to your pumpkin being faux it won’t get ruined with the weather. Whether you do it with a sharpie or purchase one already made its completely up to you.


Pair your black pumpkins with a few lighter ones to truly brighten the room’s atmosphere without feeling overboard.

Punk up your pumpkins by changing up their hue- paint them black. All of your pumpkins do not need to be the same color, they can be cool and modern. That is where black pumpkins come into play, they’re sleek, modern and chic without the spook factor. They blend in beautifully with any décor you might already have.

Real & Faux remix

Blend effortlessly your pumpkins by bringing forth a colorful display. Your pumpkins will appear almost too cute to be true.

We have already mentioned a real and faux pumpkin version; however, here is another form of achieving this look easily. Pair faux and real pumpkins together to create that seamless, yet festive approach. Is all about bringing that classic fall aesthetic yet having something modern that brightens the area. The brighter the area the easier it will be to have your fall décor feel unique and sleek.

Glass Ones

When purchasing mercury glass, consider colorful ones for a bold contrast that enhances your decor.

Have you ever imagined pumpkins to be ethereal? Probably not, as most of us consider them to be either a bit too Halloween-esque or just standard decorative items for fall. We are here to share that pumpkins can be ethereal and even whimsical in their own. The key is working with glass ones and filling them up with fairy lights. You want to work in as many fairy lights as possible to create that charming aspect that still has a fall aesthetic.

Cluster them

Whether you paint them, leave them alone or display them, consider adding a unique bit to your pumpkin cluster.

One pumpkin is nice, but having a cluster of them is even better. There is something chic, sweet and charming about clustering all your pumpkins together and giving them the spotlight, they deserve. Whether you place them on the floor in a clustered manner, near the steps of your porch, or even on your dining table, it’s completely up to you. The simple act of clustering a few pumpkins together will bring the area right back to life without much effort needed.

Pastel Dreams Anyone?

The more color you blend in the better! Embrace adding pastel bits to your current decor for a bold contrast.

Sometimes you don’t want to only have fall hues displayed in your home, sometimes you want something fresher and more modern. That’s where adding a pastel touch will come in handy. It’s all about making a room home to life and make them feel fun yet with a festive approach. You want to bring that charming touch that enhances the room’s overall color scheme. It’s all about getting your pastel hue’s as incorporated into your normal décor as possible.

Bring It on the Wreaths

The more pumpkins the better! Whether they are big or small your pumpkin display should feel sleek.

When in doubt, add wreaths with pumpkins in them and call it a day. The use of a blend of pumpkins in your wreaths is always a good idea. It’s all about having them become the focus of the room without taking away from what you have. Consider them the sleek form of having fun with your décor.

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Share with us below.


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