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Fall Home Decor Trends for 2019

Fall is right around the corner and we are extremely excited to begin decorating for it; however, out of all the seasons, it is one of the hardest to display without being cheesy or too Halloween-esque. There’s a balancing act that needs to happen to bring a cozy appeal right where you want and need it most. In this guide, we help you do just that while sharing the latest fall home décor trends for 2019. We bring you the latest while showing you how to work it into your décor.

Mantel with Foliage

Pair your foliage with flowers to bring a feminine vibe to your mantel.

Time to dress up your mantel. Dressing up your mantel for fall can be done in a few different ways. However, this year we are looking at adding foliage. Foliage is one of the best items to add due to how easy they are to incorporate. Furthermore, you can add an array of colors and texture while still keeping the coziness, fall is notorious for. Add aged flowers in richer hues to brighten up the space.

Orange Velvet

The simple touch of having an orange velvet sofa, as part of your main staple of the room can make a big move when you are decorating for fall.

A dose of orange during the fall is always a good idea, it adds warmth to the room in a traditional kind of way. This year, however, we are taking it a step further and adding a velvet touch. The idea is having the warmth from the velvet material bring that cozy touch while the orange brings forth that classic fall palette. For a beautiful display, you want to bring orange velvet accents to the room.

Faux Fur Throws

Throw blankets add a charming, luxury that makes the room feel grand yet functional.

Throws are back on trend and we are loving it. For that luxurious touch, we love the idea of adding faux fur throws behind dining room chairs. Pairing them with other modern decorative bits will ensure the room has an inevitable chicness that oozes upscale luxury.

Porch Throw Pillows

The more throw pillows you have, the better! You want to create the ultimate cozy aesthetic, while still being chic and easy on the eye.

When decorating for fall, do not forget about your porch. It’s one of the most loved and used spaces in the home during the fall. The air is perfect to sit outside and enjoy a warm cup of coffee while watching the beautiful leaves change. Bring a fall touch by adding throw pillows in shades of rust, brown and beige to bring a chic touch. Furthermore, pair your cozy pillows with a cozy blanket. Doing so will create a chic warm aesthetic.

White Pumpkins

Blend your little pumpkin with similar hues for a cohesive approach that feels new and fresh without being overbearing to the room.

If you are fond of having pumpkins during the fall months, or you simply want to decorate for Halloween early without the color palette, adding in white pumpkins is the way to go. Whether your selected pumpkins are big or small, is up to you. The key is having multiple size white pumpkins and pairing them with natural elements such as pinecones to create a balance that enhances the coziness in the room.

Natural Tablescape

Add bits of copper to your decor for an additional warmer touch that enhances the rooms neutral aesthetic.

Instead of having a highly decorated dining table, consider the more natural route. The key is working with wood and blending it into your décor. Though you do want to use wood as the main focus of the dining room, you also want to add décor but in a neutral color palette. Keep the table sleek and cohesive with only neutral hues for that perfected, intimate aesthetic.

Warm-up Non-Working Fireplaces

If you want to fill your fireplace with anything yet don’t have the time or budget to do so, consider adding chopped wood. You will have the same warming effect without the expense.

If you have a fireplace that no longer works do not be discouraged, fall is the perfect time to embrace it and fall in love with it all over again. The key is warming it up with cozy additives that make the space feel chic, yet luxurious. Work in pillows, and throw pillow filled baskets for that intimate feel that is oh so chic and charming yet cozy all at once. Having these baskets will help you always have a throw pillow on hand when you need it most.

Black and White Décor

When in doubt, consider a buffalo plaid accent chair for the perfect black and white accent.

Black and white décor is back on trend for fall. While most of us won’t think of black and white as colors to use during the fall, this year you do, want to include it in your palette. The idea is having your décor feel more upscale yet with the classic fall vibe. Think of it as one of the easiest forms of being elegant yet with the perfect touch of cohesiveness. Add black and white bits here and there for the perfect dose of charm.

Bring a Whimsical Charm

Keep a whimsical touch by adding a chic chandelier to your room. Doing so creates a fresh feeling that’s whimsical and charming all at once.

Though fall might seem like the perfect time to add fun, festive décor it’s also time to consider adding in the charm, but not just any charm- whimsical charm. To add whimsical charm to your fall décor, you want to use an array of smaller decorative bits. Whether that be smaller white pumpkins or have added bits with a glitter finish the options is up to you. The key is having a blend of dainty decorative items perfectly paired with feminine, classic fall decorative bits.

Acorn Bits

Place your acorn with other decorative bits for the ultimate pairing that screams fall.

When you want to bring a natural touch, yet do not want to add too much décor acorns is the way to go. Acorns bring a natural, fall vibe while still being small in size and not taking away from what you already have. Sprinkle them around your mantel or your dining table for a hint of fall that feels quite beautiful and sleek.

Are you excited about these fall décor trends? If so, share with us which is your favorite.


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