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Stunning Fall Dining Room Centerpiece Ideas

Though most of have thoroughly enjoyed our summer, it is quickly saying goodbye. Which means fall is knocking at our door and we are excited. It is one of the most fun seasons to decorate around as it sits right between Christmas and the fresh new year. Keeping in mind, that fall is coming and it’s time to consider decorating your home to prepare. What better area to decorate with fall bits than the dining room? The dining room is not only used often, but it doesn’t get as decoratively refreshed as many other areas of the home. With that being said, here are stunning fall dining room centerpiece ideas to prepare you for pumpkin spice and everything nice.

Peaches and Pink

Complete your look with a rose gold finish that brightens the pink hues

While most of us would think pink does not work well during fall, it’s quite the contrary. Pink works exceptionally well during any season; however, the key is incorporating it with hues of peach. Peach is the perfect in-between shade, it’s bright yet soft and it offers that softness you want when changing seasons. Just make sure to pair your pink shades with greenery and brown for that classic rust.

Dried Florals

Keep your dried florals in a smaller container to truly enhance the appeal of the room

Hear us out on this one, dried florals add a bit of grit right where you want and need them most. They work exceptionally well, in a room that has a classic flower arrangement. You might even want to consider adding dried florals to your flower arrangement to give it that neutral edge that makes the fall crisp air ooze throughout the room. Add bits of leaves and branches to further enhance the room.

Pomegranate Hues

The more purple and red you are the warmer the room will appear. You want to keep that in mind for a daring contrast

Who doesn’t love the rich, bold shades a pomegranate has to offer? Pomegranates are bold, vibrant and come in a multitude of rich purple, pinks, and even red hues. They come together for this blend of daring colors that look great when paired with shades of orange, yellow and even green. Furthermore, it adds this air of elegance and luxury all at once.


Keep the decor to a minimum to ensure your flowers make the statement they intended.

Why make things hard on yourself or complicated when you can simply bring wildflowers and place them in a vase. You want to bring them in to make a statement without the hassle of having other flowers or elements. Keep the rest of your décor as neutral as possible to make the room feel natural yet authentic to fall as possible. Bright yellows ensure the room feels a bit more modern with a rustic touch.

Chinese Lanterns

The simple use of having two lanterns makes the room come to life in a minimalist way but with a bold impact

When in doubt. bring in Chinese lanterns, that bring charm and engage the room in an overall feel. The key is adding multiple lanterns and bring flowers to make the room feel as grandiose as possible. Furthermore, the Chinese lanterns will make the room feel unique without being as fall-esque as most other options.

Pumpkin Vase

Add succulents to your pumpkins to create a long-lasting decorative item

Is there anything that screams fall quite like a pumpkin, we think not! Pumpkins are the epitome of what fall truly is. Whether you are a lover of all things Halloween or simply want to showcase a pumpkin side to your décor. Consider having more than one pumpkin to truly bring the display to life. By having a pumpkin vase, you will be creating a versatile, safe ground to get creative with. Add a set of flowers to make that grand impact.


Add a few small pumpkins to bring your decor all together.

Flowers are not typically a part of fall décor as the colder months do not allow them to blossom to their full potential. One flower that remains a top contender is sunflowers. Not only are they loved by many, but when plucked and laid-out uniquely sunflowers make an excellent color and texture additive. Think of them as the perfect form of bringing freshness to the cooler months ahead.


Add hints of greenery to your all-white display for a cool vibe that comes to life.

Even during the cooler months white is still a top color. It’s one of those shades that bring peace, comfort, and beauty right where you need it most. Think of it as the easy way of decorating your dining table without missing a beat. Add white smaller pumpkins to complete the look. Furthermore, an all-white display could be just what the room needs for an airy sense of fall.


Add your hydrangeas to a box along with other fall decorative bits to make the room feel like fall but with a charming edge.

Setting One of falls best flower display is the hydrangea. Known for being chic and charming, these flowers bring the best out of any room. Pair with a few apples or even pumpkins to create a beautiful display. Think of them as the perfect focus that does not take away from what you already have. It’s one of the best ways of blending your fall décor with bits of summer.

Soft and Neutral

The larger your decor the bigger the impact so pair it with bold lighting for a bold contrast

What was once a palette nobody wanted, turned into a must-have. During the holiday season, having a neutral palette isn’t always liked. However, this time we are loving the idea of having a neutral display with hints of greenery here and there. It’s the perfect way of making any fall décor come to life in a crisp clean way.

Which season is your favorite to décor? Please share with us below.


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