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Extending the Kitchen Island: DIY Idea

If you are looking to gain space in the kitchen, consider this image, which inspires a simple DIY idea of extending the kitchen island to gain dining and/or working space. Adding a rectangular plank to the island and attaching some legs is an affordable and relatively easy solution. Tie it in with matching colored trim, and viola – extra function. Or even easier, use an existing table and again, tie it in with that trim. The trim is key to achieve that union between the table and the island while providing a nice cascading effect. Overall, this kitchen is bright, white, modern and fun. The choice of yellow adds to that liveliness. And look closely at the back splash. They used old recipes as wallpaper! And the contrasting style of the light fixtures is also great. The chandelier provides nice ambient light while the ceiling mounted task light is perfect for use at the counter or the table. If you want more inspiring ideas, see the rest of this apartment at Mixr.se.



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