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Customised Soapstone Fireplace from Nunnauunu – Finnish designs

The sculptural soapstone fireplaces from Nunnauunu are so generous and inviting, you’ll long to curl up in front of them with a good book or some good company! All fireplaces are custom built to suit your requirements, however above and below are some outstanding models picked by Trendir. Pictured above is a model installed in Brackenheim, Germany which makes fantastic use of the MammuttiStone to continue the fireplace finish onto the benches surrounding it. The whole look is spacious and airy, as the steel flue thrusts upwards emphasising the open staircase. Below is another Nunnauunu fireplace situated in Southern Germany, in a gorgeous log house. Curvy and iconic, the fireplace extends its scope with soapstone tiles. Lastly we have a soapstone fireplace with a rough surface for a rustic appeal. Taking its look from huge fireplaces to be found in ski resorts, it takes centre stage in this villa in Finland. Contact Nunnauunu to discuss a custom fireplace design to warm up your home with beauty and fire.



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