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Soapstone Countertops – soapstone sets new hot trend

Soapstone Countertops are getting really fashionable, bringing beauty and sophistication to modern kitchens. Naturally, soapstone is soft to the touch because it primarily consist of talc, and is light greenish gray.
So why are these countertops scratchable with nail are getting so popular? Mainly because of two reasons: they are so practical and they create a very earthy appeal.

It’s practical because … Unlike most of the natural stone countertops, the soapstone counter tops don’t require sealers – stains do not penetrate below the surface and are easily removed with fine sandpaper. And scratches can be removed by rubbing it out with mineral oil. Soap stone countertops are extremely heat resistant and extremely dense as well as very inert to all household chemicals.
It’s appealing because … Its natural light grey surface turns dark with age or when oxidized with water and oils, making it look more dramatic. To darken it evenly, soapstone is treated with mineral oil. The darker it gets, the more light grey veins stand out adding to soapstone’s unusual appeal. Applying mineral oil on a regular basis will enhance its color and appearance. Renovating these countertops would be easy – simply sand away the old surface and reapply oil to make it look brand new again. Price with installation starts at $70 – $85 per square foot. For more information go to Sensa or to Soapstone West


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