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Finish custom-made fireplace from NunnaUuni: kitchen – fireplace concept

Ready for an evening dinner by the fireplace? This NunnaUuni custom made fireplace, inspired by the open fireplaces seen in ski resorts in Central Europe, is so much more than a source of heat and visual beauty – it creates a spectacular centrepiece in this rustic home. The texture of the stone stands out proudly against the warm tones of the wood and tiled floor. What makes this design so special is the placement of the fireplace – right in the middle of the space. This allows for the back end of the fireplace to be utilized for some other means – in this instance, a kitchen. In fact, a ceramic range has been installed at the back of the fireplace, with the chimney hood mimicking the fireplace chimney. This back-to-back setting is not only practical, it is visually appealing in its mirror effect of contemporary versus nostalgic.
These particular pictures are from a villa on the shore of Lake Saimaa in Finland.


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