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European Bathroom Idea – Finnish sauna plus tanning and fitness

This ‘Everything You Ever Dreamed Of’ bathroom idea is conceived by B+S Finland Sauna, a European company based in Germany. Including their gorgeous and spacious Viitta Finish sauna in the corner, the rest of the spacious bathroom likewise becomes dedicated to pampering, and maintaining the body beautiful! The room with the bright red Finnish sauna concentrates on physical fitness – including a welcoming exercise area with large white cushions and exercise equipment attached to the wall. It makes sense to have this right next to the large, walk-in glass shower area. Or, if you have more time, there is an imposing white bathtub set next to the sauna, in front of two large floor-to-ceiling windows. The other room shown here with the wooden Finnish sauna takes a more indulgent approach – offering a place to work on your mental well-being by escaping from the world outside. A luxurious tanning bed lets you stretch out on in front of a soothing fire! A wide whirlpool bath, a walk-in shower and a wooden dip soaking bath gives you a variety of bathing options. Bathrooms ideas to fit your lifestyle and fulfil your dreams – these European bathroom ideas are from B+S Finland Sauna.
An even more exciting idea … take the wooden soaking tub outside (click to enlarge):


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