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Luxury Bathroom Suite 2009 from Kaldewei

kaldewei bathtub ellipso 1 Luxury Bathroom Suite 2009 from Kaldewei
You can’t go wrong with simple yet luxury designs like those in this new Kaldewei Bathroom Suite. Classic looks dominate… such as the iconic free standing black tub with an oval shape and a thin protruding lip around the perimeter. The seriously stylish Ellipso Duo Oval is just one of the eight models Kaldewei offers. To continue the theme, the circular Piatto shower base is shown here surrounded by a dramatic shower curtain. The steel enamel Piatto shower tray actually projects an illusion of floating with its ‘cleverly conceived upturned edge’. Taking the luxury one step further, the new Kaldewei suite can also be embellished with 24-karat gold plating on your request. This gorgeous detailing elevates the status of bathroom fixtures to that of precious art. Make it all yours… contact Kaldewei.
If you love personalised detailing you’ll appreciate the Swarovski Jewels Sink Collection.
kaldewei shower plate piatto 1 Luxury Bathroom Suite 2009 from Kaldewei

For a calming light effect and added aesthetics, an innovative new lighted jets concept was introduced by Kaldewei in the Vivo Turbo whirlpool baths. Every jet comes with built-in LED technology.
To relax after bathing, you can now instantly turn your Conoduo bath into a small wellness oasis with the new Relax Lounger.
For greater convenience, the remote control is replaced with this new Touch Display in Vivo Vario Plus whirlpool tubs.



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