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Evitavonni Yin Yang Kitchen will bring the stunning contrast of darkness and light to your kitchen…

Evitavonni Yin Yang kitchen
A wonderful exercise in exploring the meaning of symmetry – the Yin Yang kitchen by Stefan Price for Evitavonni has an Eastern-inspired cleverness and simplicity. This circular kitchen island is based on a huge, iconic yin yang symbol. The black area is punctuated with the round hob, and the white area with the round sink. The black Yin side and the white Yang side represent the opposing, yet complementary qualities that are to be found in all things of nature. The inspiring design with ensure that you never forget the importance of balance in life… and the kitchen is a great place to be reminded of that important fact. Priced at £102,577 for the complete kitchen this is an exclusive item for very exclusive clients! Get this attention-grabbing kitchen by contacting the UK-based company Evitavonni.
via BornRich
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