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Circular Kitchen from Carma Cucine – new Milea ergonomically shaped kitchen

Carma circular kitchen Milea
Perfect for those who loves sharing good food and good times: the Milea circular kitchen from Carma Cucine. The welcoming circular counter shape is perfectly designed for people who adore spending time in the kitchen, and are keen to make it a highly pleasant and ergonomically agreeable experience. Small details matter – such as the glass shelf on the breakfast bar, the wooden accents, the stainless steel hood over the oven for odour-free surroundings. High quality laminate, wood and lacquer options make this a versatile and customisable modern kitchen. Ideal for food enthusiasts – express your refined taste with the Milea Kitchen from Carma Cucine.
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Carma kitchen Milea - top view

Carma kitchen Milea - appliances


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