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Ernestomeda Barrique 02 Kitchen – the high-end kitchen design

Brilliant glass cabinets, sleek lacquered cabinets, marble countertops and steel accents, the Barrique 02 kitchen is a riot of materials and color. The first thing to capture the eye is the vibrant Merlot glass cabinet doors that reveal the glasses and bowls inside. This dramatic color is reflected in the gorgeous marble countertop full of organic textures. Below this luscious countertop the Barrique 02 features lacquered cabinet fronts in a warm creamy mustard. The final accent on this modern kitchen design is the gleaming steel accessories. Distinctive handles, steel appliances, a large vent hood and the dramatic wine rack add a sharp contemporary style to this lovely new kitchen. A fantastic design that reveals depth and beauty at every turn, the Barrique 02 kitchen from Ernestomeda makes cooking a sensual experience.



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