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New Tall Soaking Tub from Stone Forest – enjoy deep relaxation!

Stone Forest tall soaking tub
Something completely different… the new Tall Soaking Tub by Stone Forest presents a unique bathing option that you may not have considered before. It allows you to enjoy soaking vertically, rather than horizontally, providing a satisfyingly deep soak. Every part of your body will be completely immersed in the water, ensuring that bath time will leave you totally refreshed. Besides the comfort, the Tall Soaking tub offers a compact and attractive tub that will fit into even the smallest of bathrooms. No room for a traditional horizontal tub? This may be the solution that makes sure you don’t miss out on the health benefits of regular bathing. In gorgeous natural stone (a material that retains warmth) the Tall Soaking Tub from Stone Forest is a fabulous, practical design. Retail price is $19,750.
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