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Engineered Polymer Concrete Tile with Embedded Metal Decoration by Decotal

Israeli manufacturer Decotal launches an innovative collection of tiles, the first ever to combine concrete and metal. The concrete is not an ordinary one, but Engineered Polymer Concrete (EPC), and it is also a first for the tile industry. This highly durable concrete is three times stronger than ordinary concrete and its texture confers it a warm and pleasant look and feel. The combination between the raw concrete and the intricate metal decoration creates a luxurious contrasting effect. The metal is embedded into the concrete during the casting process, and can be plated before or after casting. For now, the plating options include gold, silver, nickel and blackened, and the manufacturers promise to also introduce brass, copper, aluminum and titanium in the near future. The metal can be finished as shiny, mat or brushed. Multiplied by the 27 available patterns, these tiles offer a lot of possible combinations to create stunning floor or wall decorations. They can be used in bathrooms or outdoors, as they are completely impermeable and weather resistant. Use them to create carpet like surfaces, as frames to a more neutral pattern or go for fully-patterned surfaces for a decadent, luxurious result.



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