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Elegant Wooden Furniture and Mirrors: Porada

Stylish and playful. Some almost whimsical. A little Dali, a little Eames. A lot of Danish modern. And all from Porada, an Italian furniture icon with a delightful catalog of wooden furniture. The table above was christened “Balance” and it’s easy to see why. Sleek and artistic legs in Canaletto walnut support a tempered glass top – they’re almost sculptural. Like a dancer, one leg posed just so. The glass, at 12mm thin (less than half an inch), gives the whole piece a lightness. It may look simple, but it never is.

How Dali is this mirror? Gorgeous melting mirror with solid Canaletto walnut frame. Canaletto walnut, by the way, is more widely known by the trade name, black walnut. An expensive hardwood, you’ll often find it as a veneer, but Porada uses sold walnut in these outstanding pieces. Dubbed “Giolo”, we think this mirror is handsome and evocative, all at once. A reflection on art, functional and fun.
When we first saw these Pileo floor lamps from a distance – we saw bar stools! Clearly, not so. Very contemporary with simple lines, and some homage to Danish Modern of past. But these lamps are all today, all the way. Again in solid wood (choose Walnut or Ash) with a tin-plated shade.
They look like flowers and leaves, these border-less mirrors on the wall. Arranged with a casual air, you can bet that the “Lotus & Frasca” mirror set is a planned work of artistic whimsy. With such a wide variety of mirrors coming from one shop, Porada shows great range. Along with great taste.
Speaking of great range, along comes “Madame”, the come-hither mirror with Victorian (and Moroccan) overtones. This mirror would work in almost any setting, from Contemporary to Victorian Boudoir to Rick’s Cafe. But really, this glorious piece is best showcased in an extremely plain and otherwise without-focus area — where it can be the star.
The Arlekin Chair has got a curved back all the way to the floor. What a stunning chair this is. Despite being a desk chair (the writing desk is The Pablo), it clearly invites one to lean back and get comfortable. The Arlekin is also constructed of solid walnut. Chair cushions are available in seven muted earth tones.
Check out that incredible grain on the Canaletto walnut Pablo writing desk. Truly a magnificent choice of wood and a sleek and contemporary desk. Single drawer and backsplash (so to speak) give it substance and style.
The Ester (above and below) chairs are suggestive of horn (even the chair without arms!), but made from your choice of solid walnut or ash. As with all of Porada’s furniture, these chairs were born from the love of wood. They seem to find the right balance between form and function using many designers – both in house and out – to bring their vision to creation. They consider their main strength to be the human factor of their design and manufacture. Add that to the best hardwood you can find and you’ve got Porada.
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