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Modern Occasional Furniture by Porada

Italian furniture company Porada is putting some fun into your home decor with this modern occasional furniture. These sculptural, unusual furniture pieces are as eye-catching as they are functional – a must in the modern home. The Flamingo wooden clothes stands bring some order to your clothing chaos. These playful designs let you hang your hat while doubling as an art piece! To accommodate your storage needs, the Empire cupboard is stylishly clad in a walnut, lacquered black or glossy white finish, outlined in a modern mirror frame. Each front door features a divot, and a touch-and-latch system for easy access. Then, kick back and put your feet up on a luxurious leather pouf, the Alcide will do nicely! These classic black and white poufs will complement any decorating style, whether modern, traditional or somewhere in between. For more on these modern occasional furnishings, visit Porada.



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