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Elegant Kitchens with Simple Kitchen Designs by Must Italia

Strikingly elegant and simple, the Unyca kitchen designs is a groundbreaking concept from Must Italia. Must Italia shows us how to incorporate elegant glamour into a functional design, whether your taste is modern, transitional, or verging on the Baroque! After all, who said that kitchens couldn’t be as beautiful as the rest of the house? These grand simple kitchens exhibit grace and style without sacrificing any of the practicality you’d expect. Large scale linear wooden units in a range of very different finishes dominate the room, providing loads of storage. Wall-mounted cupboards appear as pieces of art, their gorgeous doors hiding their true purpose. Important details are also key to the look – such as the luxury gold or silver curving leg supports under the kitchen units. Unyca kitchens carry the precious, shining finishes around the kitchen – using gold or silver for frame details, cupboard doors and accessories. Must Italia are Italian interior experts.



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